Ubuntu not loading desktop after logging in?

so um.. i typed my password to login my account and hit enter and it lead me to a blank screen with only desktop, mouse cursor and that Ubuntu 14.04 LTS logo on the bottom left.

what fixed it.

  1. Installed gnome-session-fallback (sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback). Tried logging in through it (by clicking the little ubuntu logo next to my username on the login screen and choosing gnome) and it worked fine. [although i think this is a complete unnecessary step if you know how to create a new user account through terminal]
  2. creating a new user account (system settings > user accounts > (click that unlock button on top) > (then the + sign to add a new account) > (set a password to that account since if you forget this step you cant access the account you just created)
  3. Try logging into the new account just created. if it works fine then the issue was probably something is corrupted in your normal account. for some magical reason, logging out and logging into my normal account worked after this.