This blog reached 2 million pageviews today!

so you know what...
  • TWO MILLION is the number of people displaced by a stupid flood in India. Thank you god. this is totally what we needed!
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  • TWO MILLION dollars is how much this bra costs. (i seriously dont understand why people make these kind of stupid stuff.  i mean its like the stupidest thing. "hey look at me i put diamonds in my hot dog and now this is the most valuable food evah!")
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  • TWO MILLION is the number of plastic bottles used in the US every 5 minutes. and these guys doing art with .

  • TWO MILLION is the number of emails Wikileaks published that "embarrass" Syria, but also western nations that are dealing with the oppressive Assad regime.

  • 1 in TWO MILLION are the odds of being killed by lightening/ tornado/ falling out of bed (what?!). 
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