Year 2011 in pictures

Pictures include:
Syria revolution
Egypt Revolution
Bahrain Revolution
99% movement
Japan wins Women World Cup
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Sattelite crash to Earth
NASA space ship lands to Earth
Pope Benedict
Hindus pray
Occupy Movement
Christopher Hitchens Death
Most subscribed youtuber
South Sudan founded
Joe Frazier Death
All Blacks Win WorldCup
Barcelona wins Champions League
Major Floods(Brazil,Indonesia)
Muslims pray at Mecca
USA Tornado
Marco Simmonceli Death
Natural events
Socrates(Brazil fotball player) death
US Drone Captured
Death of Sultan Crown Prince of Arabia
Greece Riots
London Riots
Vancouver Riots
9/11 Memorials
Osama Bin Laden Death
Amy Winehouse Death
Other photos of 2011
Harold Camping end of the world
Novak Djokovici 1# in Tennis
Gilad Shalit release
Cricket World Cup
Turkey Earthquake
No Fly Zone Libya
FC Porto Wins Europa League
Sebastian Vettel winner formula 1
USA protests
Madrid protests
Belgium suicide attack
Elizabeth Taylor Death
Norway attacks
11:11 11/11/11/Friday