#Opfacebook: Stop Facebook from tracking your internet behavior

Facebook traces every site you visit that has a like button on it EVEN IF YOU DON'T CLICK IT.

and EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT REGISTERED, Facebook will place a cookie (what is a cookie?) on your hard disk.(not only Facebook, almost all sites do but those sites do that only to remember your preferences in their site) These cookies on your hard disk stores every single site you visit with this damn button, if you visited the site just ONCE.

They have a full profile of your surfing behavior (you know that even porn sites have this button)

There's a simple solution for this:Install "Facebook Disconnect" add-on for your browser. This
stops Facebook from tracking the webpages you go to.
Very easy! just goto this site (http://disconnect.me/) and click "install disconnect")

You'll get the warning that it accesses your data on every website. Thats because it has to inject Java into the site to prevent the "like Button" from working. The code of the addon is open source. It does not touch your privacy - you can learn more in the FAQ of the addon.

Bad news! This not only blocks facebook cookies, but also Google buttons and reCaptcha (that human verification thingy). So its kinda annoying (i mean very annoying). So the only practical solution is to use a different browser to access facebook (very very annoying i know). well thats the price you have to pay for stop being tracked. I feel like im running away from a murder already :/