This is not something I would normally post on here, but thought this is kinda cute

There was a 5 year old girl named Emma who was in the hospital and very ill. She was there with her parents and her 8 year old brother Ethan. Emma needed a blood transfusion. Due to a major accident earlier in the day, the hospital was short on blood. Ethan was the only match. The doctor then approached Ethan and asked if he would like to have a transfusion to help Emma get better. His bottom lip quivered for a moment and he became very silent. After a few seconds of thought, his nervousness eased up and he agreed.

Later, the doctor had Emma and Ethan hooked up. They would be doing the transfusion directly from Ethan to Emma. The doctor began the procedure. Emma laid there quietly, so weak from her illness. She looked nearly dead. After a moment, Ethan looked up to the doctor. "Doctor... when do I die?"

The doctor, confounded, replied "When do you die?"

"I want to say goodbye to my sister, but I want to wait until she feels a little better. Can I wait a little bit longer, or should I tell her I love her right now?"

The doctor was struck silent. It took him a moment to understand the boy's earlier reaction. Ethan wasn't hesitating because he was afraid of the procedure. He did so because he needed a moment to accept giving up his life for his sister's. He had no idea a transfusion was a harmless procedure.

P.S. googled for cute kids. i couldnt pick one so yeah, posting without a pic. link me to a nice one?