Piracy: it's bad ok

Piracy is environmental friendly. no harm
Piracy, jesus did it
How much money each party gets. band member gets the smallest. Remember this the next time you hear that free downloads are harming musicians

You wouldnt downlad a car. Fuck you I would if I could. 635TB I guess i cant

People who complain about piracy, the actual artists, producers and record labels

If your are a pirate this is what u get, but if you are a paying customer this is what u get. and then they wonder why people dont buy their movies

video game pirate

They think you are an idiot

Piracy helps global warming. It's what jesus would do

Piracy is not theft. its piracy. a handy guide. theft removes the original. piracy makes a copy

File sharing is not piracy

google, free movies global warming. piracy is up gw is down

The pyramid of internet piracy

You wouldnt download a car. challenge accepted