The Love Formula : How to Draw a Heart Shaped Curvy Graph

Ever wanted to know how to draw a heart shaped graph?
Is that real? well yes.

There are a number of mathematical curves that produced heart shapes, some of which are illustrated below.

The first curve is a rotated cardioid (whose name means "heart-shaped") given by the polar equation

The second is obtained by taking the y=0 cross section of the heart surface and relabeling the z-coordinates as y, giving the order-6 algebraic equation

The third curve is given by the parametric equations

where t in [-1,1] (H. Dascanio, pers. comm., June 21, 2003). The fourth curve is given by
(P. Kuriscak, pers. comm., Feb. 12, 2006). Each half of this heart curve is a portion of an algebraic curve of order 6. And the fifth curve is the polar curve
Source: HeartCurve

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