Some more facts

81. 3 out of 4 men fantasize about their work colleagues.

82. A study of 300 pairs revealed that men who smoke have half as much sex as men who don't..

83. Anal sex is when a finger, a mouth, a penis or a sex toy is used to stimulate the delicate nerve endings in the anus

84. A study of men from five countries revealed that the time between when the penis penetrates the vagina and ejaculation varies extremely, anything between 30 seconds and 44 minutes.

85. Sexual intercourse takes place about 2778 times around the world every 5 seconds.

86. A survey of 50 female students at the University of Texas revealed that 90% of the women are better satisfied by a wider penis, rather than a longer one.

87. The country where the most oral sex is performed is Austria.

88. On average, men's testicles are about 4.5cm long and 2cm wide.

89. In relation to body size, the barnacle has the biggest penis in the animal kingdom. It is up to 30 times bigger than the actual body.

90. Out of all primates, chimpanzees have the largest testicles.

91. Girls who have a close relationship with their father usually also end up with partners who share many of their father's traits.

92. Sex is the number one favorite activity in bed for the British. Germans on the other hand, mentioned being on the phone, reading and sleeping.

93. The average women has 11 bras.

94. People have a tendency to choose partners whose body fat percentage is similar to their own.

95. The biggest orgy ever in recent history took place in 1974 at a rock concert in Los Angeles, where 262 couples had sex.

96. Two thirds of all people have had unprotected sex because they were drunk.

97. Men have about 9 erections during the night, regardless of what they dream.

98. Lisa Sparxxx achieved the world gangbang record by having sex with 919 men on October 16th, 2004.

99. A third of all women have admitted they've never had an orgasm with their partner.

100. 7 out of 10 people kiss with their nose to the right.