Left brained, right brained or balanced brained?

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Left brainers
  • more organized
  • watch the clock
  • analyze information and process it sequentially.
  • often cautious
  • follow rules and schedules
  • strong in math and science
  • can answer questions quickly
  • would make great Jeopardy contestants.
Right brainers
  • they dream
  • can be very intelligent and very deep thinkers
  • can get lost in their own little worlds
  • make great students of the social sciences and the arts
  • more spontaneous
  • likely to follow their own gut feelings.
  • very intuitive
  • great skill when it comes to seeing through lies or tricks
  • would make great Survivor contestants
Balanced brain dominance
  • can have strong qualities from either hemisphere. 
  • can benefit from logic from the left and intuition from the right.
  • more flexible than either the left or the right-brain folks
  • often vacillate between the two hemispheres when make decisions.
  • creative and flexible thinker
  • sometimes feel paralyzed by indecision
  • find career choices difficult due to your proficiency in several different areas