How to download from torrents

This whole process will take about 5 minutes. And you have to do this once. after complete this, downloading is a piece of cake.

Step 1 - First you have download this little software and install. All your torrent downloads will be through this.
Goto this link and download utorrent. (yes there are other softwares such as bittorrent etc. but this is better)
Step 2 - Install the downloaded software. (utorrent. Yes the one with green icon)

Step 3 - Goto a torrent site. (such as thepiratebay, btjunkie, isohunt)

Step 4 - Search anything you want to download and click a search result.

Step 5 - Click the button named "Download this torrent".

And save or open the file. (You will notice that this file is opened through the software you installed in step 2)

Your downloads will be saved in the folder named "downloads" in My Documents or the C drive. You can change this path from the "Preferences" menu in utorrent.

Tips -
Always choose files with the highest "seeds" when choosing a file on a torrent site. Then it will download faster.

Always read the comments or check the votes or anyother feedback. Then you wont be downloading crappy files.