How to make conference calls in Skype

If you want to have a conversation with few of your friends at the same time, the best way is to use group chat on MSN. But you can’t use voice or video with a group in MSN. Only text chat is available.

Well here is the solution. (But sorry no. You can’t have conference calls in MSN/Windows Live Messenger) Use Skype.

I know there are tons of other applications that provide the same facility, I just picked this because everyone knows this. You should try using other applications too. (Its not hard to find them. Just look around sites)

In my opinion Skype isn’t good for text chatting. You can’t have customized fonts, emoticons and stuff in it. But it is the best way to have a video call or voice call. And you can have voice chat conversations (call conference). Just follow these steps.

If you don’t have Skype installed, you can get the latest version from here. (It’s free)

Download Skype (click that green button)

If you are using another operating system, pick one from the right side panel in that site.

After you have signed up and log in, add your contacts.

Then follow these steps. (Right click and open in new tab to see enlarged view)
Step - 1 ........................................ Step - 2

Step - 3