Top 10 Favorite Smells

People differ from each other, so smells that they like also differ, nevertheless there are some smells that everybody like. Here’s the top 10 most enjoyable smells.

1. Smell of fresh cut grass - Unique smell of cut grass conjures up images of a childhood, of course, if you’re not allergic.

2. Newly baked bread – the aroma of a fresh warm baked bread. Simply the tastiest
3. Petrol (gasoline) - the smell makes people think about gasoline and all the stuff they can do with it, like make cars go fast. Like one women said, “the smell of gasoline is the smell of life and energy.”
4. Smell of flowers – of course, how we could imagine smell top without most famous flower smells! These are the smells of romance, holidays and simply good relationships.
5. The smell of rain – freshness and cleanliness after the rain.
6. Garlic flavor – the smell of British pub, pint of ale with garlic bread and party with old good friends. If you’re not a vampire, of course.

7. Fresh linen - The smell of fresh laundry is one that indicates cleanliness and domesticity.

8. Smells of the sea – very special smell of summer fun! Once you’ve experienced it, you will always know when you’re by the ocean or sea.

9. Fried bacon - this is the smell that shouts, “breakfast.” The smell of morning, very often could be found together with coffee smell.

10. Chocolate – chocolate is a food, a reward and a romantic gift. Great, tempting smell and delicious taste. It is impossible to link chocolate with anything negative.