Make money online? Review on so called easy, amazing ways.

Are you interested in earning some money at home, online, doing almost nothing? This is a common pit fall that you might/ may already have fall in to.

Well most people say that there is no such thing as earning money online, or they say there is no way you can earn money that easily. Well they are stupid. Because i have already earned money online. But its not as easy as it sounds and its not hard as everybody thinks either.

Well bux sites are pretty popular. All you have to do is click at the links they provide you daily and stare at them for 10 seconds. (or open a new tab and chat with your friends on Facebook. Well thats what i do. Hahaha)

But the thing is that you cant earn much money that way. There are sites offering tons of links a day but they are all bogus scams. If you see the following sites, just ignore them. They are all tested by me and my friends and turns out they dont pay us at the end., bux.ts, (gagabux pays some of their members and dont pay some others. not worth risk wasting time), (can earn more than $1 in an hour but thats all you see. You got to earn $10 for the payout but they dont have enough ads for that)

There are hundreds of other scam sites. just search google before you try any site.
The only 2 trusted sites i found are (clicksia) and But clickcia dont pay enough, And neobux have only 4 ads a day, so it takes a month to earn $1.

Blogging is a good way to earn money. A really good way. you just have to keep the visitors coming to your blog. if they click any ads displayed, you get money. Read about Google Adsense for more information.

Another good way is freelancing online. You can write articles, help promote websites, make documents, create websites, type setting, generate ideas and stuff like that. Can earn as you work. It is a really good way.