Cheat the clock by high speed reading!

Have you been practicing reading? Here is a most an effective way to help you out. Reading fast will save hours of eye strain and days of lamenting the length of every book. This way anyone can reach speeds of up to 600 words per minute. That means, can read a book in hours, NOT days or weeks.

In 1879 French ophthalmologist, Professor Emil Javal, found that the human eye can read several letters and words per glance within a line of text. His studies showed that reading is not done by continuous movement of the eyes across the line of text. He found that the actual reading is done when the eyes are still - the fixation phase. The actual jumping movement of the eye is not used for reading.

In 1885 a researcher called J M Cattel found that proficient readers actually read printed material in units or chunks - whole words or phrases at a time. The following extract of text quoted from popular viral email provides some evidence of this activity. The brain examines an entire word at one time in order to find the correct label according to the context and shape of the word. Not all information is equally important in the printed word. Try reading it now.

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