Did you know these about WATER? yes the stuff u drink lol

Water Can Explode, With No Explosives
This involves "superheating" water, by getting it way beyond the boiling point without having it actually boil. It's easier than you think, since actual boiling, that is bubbles escaping hot water, can only be achieved with a "seed" (say a point, preferably sharp, where bubbles can form). Normally, minerals in the water and imperfections in the surface of the container are more than enough for this to happen.
However, distilled water has no such minerals, and if you put it in a relatively smooth container and stick it in the microwave, the water can be heated beyond the normal boiling point and will remain perfectly still.
Then, you toss in an object in and watch it explode

Water Can Climb Walls and make Bridges
its actually quite simple. You see, to get the water from the cathode beaker to the anode beaker... actually, it's completely bizarre and we think the guys who discovered this aren't really sure why it works either. It seems to have something to do with electrical fields and the "unique structure of water."
But it does work, and apparently requires some mellow music in the background:

Make Instant Snow From Boiling Water
This one requires it to be really, really freaking cold outside. Like way colder than it probably gets where you live. But get a day way below zero, boil a cup of water, and toss it into the air.

Instant Ice
The deal is that super-cooled water works just like superheated; unless there is a "seed," no ice crystals will form, so the water stays liquid beyond the normal freezing point. With water, the "seed" can be introduced just by tapping the side of the container (or in the case of the beer, creating the delicious bubbles). Behold as the water freezes solid in seconds, like you're the damned Iceman from X-Men

source: cracked.com