You Know You’re Addicted to Facebook When…

1. You've joined more than 25 groups in the last month
2. You spend more than 2 hours per day on fb3. Whenever someone says or does something interesting your first thought is to put it on fb
4. You only remember birthdays due to fb reminders!
5. You get bored, log off, then log back on 5 minutes later to see if anything has happened
6. You refresh your news feed, even though it does it for you automatically, just incase!
7. Half your conversations begin with ‘did you see on facebook…’
8. You cant sleep at night so spend hours on fb looking at randomers pages and photos 9. Your friend introduces you to someone you’ve never physically met before but you already feel like you know them cause you’re friends on fb
10. You’re in a rush to go out anywhere, but still find time to log in and check to see if anything has happened
11. You come off facebook ‘for the night’ but find yourself back on within five minutes
12. You take your laptop into the bathroom with you so you can browse Facebook while you’re on the loo
13. You meet someone new and your first thought is I wonder if they’re on facebook and will add me as a friend