These Really Make You Look Like a Loser


These are few things that many people do on Facebook which they really shouldn’t. Because these things make you a loser.

1. Liking your own post

First of all, what’s the point in liking your own post? Of course you like your own post because you wrote it yourself. Why don’t you just write “hey I don’t have anyone to like this post so I like it my self”? If it’s ‘like’ worthy others will do it. Stop lying to yourself.

2. Asking others to comment your posts.

There are people who do that. They post some song or whatever and ask everyone in chat to comment it. Your friends aren’t blind. When you post something, it appears on others news feed. If they don’t press like or comment it means they don’t give a shit. If it’s worth a comment, they’ll do it. And what’s the value of a forced comment? Just think about it.

3. Joining groups to change the layout.

Every time Facebook change its layout these groups start to pop up everywhere like mushrooms. And millions of people join it. No matter how many fools join those groups, Facebook is not gonna change its layout back. And there is no way to get it back either.

4. Spreading Spam messages (chain mail)

I hate nothing else up there than this. No matter how many times you copy paste these or how many times you say your mom’s name, you crush isn’t gonna kiss you next Friday! You are just being a joke to everyone else. So keep your stupidity to yourselves. Don’t ruin wall’s and comment boxes pasting these.