Cloud Computing - 2

Do you remember my post about cloud computing? if not here is the link. (Cloud Computing) Anyways I was thinking of uploading my stuff to one of those for protection. You never know when accidents happen right? I don’t wanna lose my stuff in case of a stupid earthquake happen.

So I was checking out the services available. Because of reputation and I already have a Google account I thought I should use Google Docs. It sucked. I was like wtf actually. I have 1 GB space available but I can’t upload the files I want. Well it doesn’t support videos. I’m cool with that. But what’s the fucking point if I can’t upload my Word documents. I think it’s an error because half of my documents were uploaded properly and other half failed. Another thing is that I cant upload html files. So what I’m gonna do to my saved web pages? The only advantage Google Docs have is that it doesn’t need any software installed on computer to access it.

I started trying other services and ended up using Dropbox. It’s actually better than I thought. Even though I have to install their software, it’s cool. I can even upload my videos to it. And its easy to share files with it. I can make a link to my files and so others can access even though they don’t have a Dropbox account. It’s damn easier to send the link than attaching files to emails.