Before Goto Dentist

Ok so yesterday my tooth started to hurt again. (Yes, I’m the one created that fan page in Facebook named “I forget to brush my teeth”). I mean it was really bad this time. I count go to the dentist at the moment so I tried doing varies things. I put hot water, cold water, bite things etc. nothing worked for more than 30 seconds. So I went to yahoo answers and searched something I can do at home. Everyone has said go to the dentist. If I could go to the dentist would I be searching on the internet in the first place? So that’s out of the table.

Then I searched on Google. I got some results from various health sites. They all said pretty much the same thing. They said I should clean my mouth from salt water, then put clove and clean and then drink paracetamol bla bla. Actually it’s easier to just go to the dentist than doing that.

Anyhow I searched all over my place and came up with some paracetamol pills. I took two of them for the heck of it and the pain is gone. It was that fucking easy. Why the fuck there isn’t a site to say that? What’s with all that salt water crap? Gonna have to take the pills anyway. Bottom line is, Google doesn’t have the best results always.

By the way I found this while searching on Google. (I really go out of focus sometimes. I was searching for medication and suddenly I’m searching for tooth hurt jokes. Lol)

Q: At what time is it when most people go to the dentist?
A: Tooth-Hurty