Trying to Hack Facebook?

Its amazing that so many people search for it but nobody still don’t know how to.


Most people give up after trying few methods. But some keep digging and sometimes succeed. Even they are able to hack, most people don’t know what to do with it. Seriously so many people have asked me whether I know how to hack Facebook. Then I ask them what for? Half of the time the answer is “I want to know” (actually they want to brag and show off). There is another group of people who want to take control of a friend’s account and go crazy. Well they’ll write some bad words in status. Since the word they always say is “fuck” its no use. There is another group of people who want to take revenge. Their plan is to get into the profile and deactivate it. That’s the stupidest idea ever. If you ever thought of doing that, shame on you! If it isn’t for the notification mentioning the account is back on, your enemy will never notice. (if you don’t know that, you cant deactivate Facebook permanently)

It’s not easy to hack in to sites like Facebook, MySpace etc. So top wasting your time on it. You should try those softwares made to hack Facebook (only if you want to see how many types of Trojan viruses out there).