Is Google safe search really safe? I Have Doubts

If you have searched for images on Google you probably might know there is an option called “safe search”. Well normally if you search for a word there you get pictures of naked girls and stuff (basically pornographic content). Because of that Google has given you this option to filter the search results. So you won’t get any dirty stuff in search results. There is a huge difference between normal search and safe search.

This option is really useful if you are at office or school (not searching for porn) because I don’t think you want to experience those awkward moments by looking at naked girls in front of your parents, teacher, boss or whoever there. No matter what you search there is always pornographic content.

But after what happened yesterday, I don’t trust Google. I was actually searching for a picture to put as Facebook profile picture of my friend. So I searched for girls pictures. Even if I have put the safe search “on” there are still nude pictures.Photobucket