How To Watch TV On Your Computer

You can watch TV on your computer now and its totally free. You just have to have the VLC Media Player.

What the heck is this VLC player?

Most people know the player even they don’t know that they can watch TV on it. In case if you don’t know… well now you know. It’s very easy to install and easy to use. You can download it by following this link here.

Download VLC Media Player

It’s a good video player but in my opinion its not good for regular use. It doesn’t have much functions and the skin is not good looking. It plays almost every kind of video files. Even the ones that doesn’t work on other players. And its good with corrupted video files, scratched DVD/ VCD’s.

After you have installed the player, follow these steps. (right click and open images in new tab for a larger view)

Step - 1
Step - 2

Step - 3