How To Cut a DVD Using Hero Super Player 3000

According to my experience this is one of the worst players to listen to a song or watch a movie. But this is the easiest and the best player to cut a DVD. It even cut the subtitles related to the video.

Well the link below will take you to a site where you can download the software. It will say that you should register. But you don’t have to. Because you can use almost every function in that player without registering. So why waste your effort and money on registration? Well there are few functions that the registration will unlock but they are for advanced users. You won’t need them.

Follow these steps

First open the DVD or video file you want to cut. Press the button 1 in the image. Then go to the place you want to start cutting and press 2 of the image. Go to the place you wan to end cutting and press 3 of the image. Now save the file by pressing the 4 in the image. That’s all.