Facebook Getting Lame?

Personally I hate some of changes that Facebook does. Well I’m not one of those people (may be you are one of them, you probably is) who blame Facebook every time they change it. There should be change once in a while. Change is good. It freshens up things. Otherwise it’ll get really boring. And you can how it would look like if it didn't change. (Look how Face book looked like at the beginning!)


I was going to say umm... oh the new “Like” thing. Now there is no more becoming a fan. It’s called “like” now. First of all I don’t like the word “like”. I want to “become a fan”!! Not like most people, I enjoy the littlest things. For example I love watching “Become a fan” turn in to “you are a fan”. But now there is no such thing. It’s just “like”. What’s killing me is no that. I want to comment on my friend’s activity of becoming fans (now it’s “like”). You may have not noticed that yet there are no more options to comment or them or press “like” (the other “like”. I mean the one with thumb icon. Oh wait! It’s all the same now. I mean the activity of liking someone else’s activity)

You what else I want? I want to see all my friends’ status updates on news feed in real time without having to press buttons. I mean what’s the fucking point of reading my classmate’s status after 3 days? (Sometimes it never appears). And also it wouldn’t hurt to show the persons status on chat box too like the way it used to be (that was a long time ago)

How many friend requests you get in a day? For most people its 1 or 2 for a month. So what’s the fucking point in having a dedicated button for that? It’s just plain stupid.

I don’t know if it’s just me, I get a warning message when I click a YouTube video link. Let’s say its fine even it’s not because it’s so damn annoying. Have you tried sending a link of a relatively less popular site? (For an example a link of a blog) I tried and I get asked to type those stupid letters to show that I’m human (not a robot). And sometimes I can’t send the link. I get an error message saying I’m not allowed to do that.