Cloud Computing? Heard Of It?

What is cloud computing? Well it is something like an online data storage facility. You can store your information such as web pages, business cards, contacts, text notes, photos, videos.. anything. Your data will be protected by a username and a password. No need to download any software or anything. It can be accessed through a browser.

You may have concerns about storing your data online. I mean everyone has doubts about data security of data on the net right? It’s not like there is no possibility to hack. But in the other hand it’s the same like money. People used dig holes and hide money. But now almost nobody does that. Now people put money in a bank. We all save our stuff in out computer in the present and in the future there won’t be a hard drive or whatever to save them. It will all be online. You will be able to log into your data from anywhere. And it’s getting really popular. Dropbox has more than four million customers.

There is a little problem with some service providers. They don’t synchronize your data with your computer. They are based on the data on the cloud. So in case your internet connection fail or there is a sever downtime, you are screwed my friend. So you should read the help before starting to use it. And another problem is that governments will be looking forward to monitor the stuff you put there saying various reasons like criminal or terrorist activities (I bet they are already doing it). Even though I’m totally clean, I don’t want anyone else to go through my information. (I have my own reasons).

If you don’t trust your computer with your data then this is the best way to secure it. You can use services like Google Docs, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Dropbox, Evernote.