Yahoo Answers? What is it?

Have you ever been to Yahoo Answers? I can’t speak for others but almost every time I search I search for something with a question mark (?) on Google I get this site on search results page. It’s a very simple theory behind it. People ask questions and other people answer them. If you have a question that’s the second best place you should go to. (The best place is Google most of the time). You can get help from professionals.

It seems to me that most of the people who ask questions have no common sense. They just come and ask questions before doing some research about it. I mean it’s not that hard to search on Google right? And there are questions which people ask every single day. I can give some examples. The number one question in the Health category is how to lose weight. They many not use these exact words but yes. That’s the number one question. That question is there twice an hour. In the women’s health section there are always more than 5 girls who have missed their period and asking why, in men’s health section there are guys asking how to enlarge things, and in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered section there are people revealing their whole life story and asking help them figure out their gender preference and how to break it to their parents.

There are people who answer without knowing the subject well enough. They give wrong answers, and I have seen sometimes those answers get chosen as the best answer. Sometimes a person ask why isn’t their product key to a software doesn’t work. Most of the time its because the key has expired. Well I can easily give them a new product key. But what happens when I give one is that some jealous fucker over there gonna report abuse under illegal. That’s when they get on my nerves. If I can find them, I won’t bother punch them in the face.

I find it as a good way to get out of boredom while helping others. And it’s said “sharing is caring” right? Only thing I get in return for doing that is an email, when someone pick my answer as the best answer. And it really feels good to have feedback. Oh well there is another kind of emails I get from them makes me laugh my ass off. They are the ones saying that I have violated the Answer Community Guidelines. Most of the time this happens because of my naughty language and making fun of questions or other people’s answers.

Anyway, if you haven’t been to Yahoo Answers you are missing out good stuff. Trust me, there are funny questions. Can have a really good time. For an example. See this. 11 Stupid Questions From Yahoo Answers That Have Changed My Life . Enjoy!