Why I Need An Anti-Virus?

Did it ever occur to you that you have installed all those anti virus guards, firewalls and stuff and your pc still get attacked by viruses?

If my pc don’t get protected from viruses then why the fuck I have installed an anti virus guard. I mean isn’t it all bullshit with all those technical words with no meaning (Anti spyware, end point protection, firewall etc.) Why the fuck I need a firewall when I got nothing to hide in my hard drive. It’s not like I have secret FBI files saved in my pc.

And by the way I think those windows live messenger guys got serious problems. That’s why they have created msn making it unable to send or receive .exe or .zip files without anti virus guard in both computers. (sadly its doesn’t even work properly. still get viruses)

Few words about Kaspersky. Do not install if u don’t have anything else to do other than accepting and declining hundreds of notifications a day. Trust me its worse while installing software. Every single file that’s installed to the computer is going through its filter and it gives us the opportunity to decide what’s virus and what’s not by ourselves. Well if I know its virus would I be installing in the first place and if I have to do it manually then why the fuck I have installed an anti virus guard?