How To Choose a Web Browser?

Since most people don’t seem to understand how to choose a web browser I thought I should share what I know.

As everybody knows there are only 5 good browsers. And they have their own advantages, you should choose the one suits you.

If you always go through your history or you always goto same sites, then you should consider Mozilla Firefox. No other browser comes up with the browsing history like Firefox does. Just have to enter a part of the text in the link and it comes up. But when it comes to surfing, it’s a little slow and use a little too much of RAM.

If you are looking for speed, you should definitely go for Google Chrome. And there aren’t many toolbars like other browsers. Its very simple and basic I would say. Recently I have found out that it has a translator tool which allows you to translate web pages which are in other languages. And another thing I have noticed is that, it has the ability to clear the history of a single day (without clearing the history of other days) and it doesn’t eat up your RAM like Firefox does.

I don’t see anything special in Internet Explorer. It’s known for security and adds some pretty slick browsing aids, such as WebSlices and Accelerators. It’s all slow and annoying to me. Most people use it because it comes up with windows and they are very loyal to it or they haven’t experienced any other browser.

I don’t see anything other than tons of toolbar. But you can synchronize bookmarks and stuff with your Opera Mini browser on your phone. That’s an added advantage. Well the best browser for phones is Opera Mini.

Safari claims that it’s the world’s fastest browser. Then the Chrome must be from mars. It sure is fast but not as much as Google Chrome. Another thing about Safari is that its offers eye candy with its Cover Flow history display.

Oh and how can I forget Sea Monkey. It didn’t even show me the chat window in Facebook. I uninstalled it within 30 minutes. After all, what I recommend is Google Chrome. It’s really good. You gotta try if you haven’t yet.