Video Chat on Omegle

It sure sounds cool because no sign up needed or anything. Just have to hit the button and you are chatting with a cute guy/girl thru cam. I don’t know when did they add this camera feature to the site. I just saw it yesterday. I was kinda excited to see how it works so I didn’t even plug the cam and hit the button, and whoa! There was this cute girl. Too bad she figured out it’s a bogus and disconnected.

Then I plugged my web cam and hit the button again expecting a cute girl to chat with. Well I wasn’t lucky(since im not gay). There was a guy laying on the bed buck naked, masturbating. I was like dude c’mon eww! And disconnected.

I didn’t give up yet. I hit chat again. A cute girl again and it looked like she was in a car (in which country they have web cams in cars?) for some reason she disconnected too. I was like what?! And hit chat again. OH no it’s a guy masturbating again. Disconnect!! I was done video chatting for the day.

I thought I should take a break, but not give up. May be tomorrow a lucky girl will appear. There is always hope.