How to Take a Better Picture to Put On As Facebook Profile Picture

Have you taken various kinds of pics and still not satisfied? (Or in other words, do you look lame? Well I know I do). Well there are few tips for that.

1. Use a mirror.

Find a mirror and stand in front of it and aim the camera to the mirror. You are not taking a photo of you. You are talking a photo of the mirror with you in it.

I don’t know what the science behind this is, but when I take a photo using a mirror, I don’t look lame.

Remember to turn the flash off. Otherwise the flash goes and what you get is a big white spot.

2. Edit the photo.

Well honestly I don’t know how to use Photoshop. If you do, you can use it to edit. You can remove the parts you don’t like (spots, pimples, spiders, things in the background etc.).

What I use is Microsoft Office Picture Manager. It installs with the office package. (Word, excel and stuff)
Open the photo using the software and adjust brightness and contrast. (Increase them both a little bit)