Facebook groups wont give you free stuff, idiots!

One group says ‘the dislike button is here’, another says ‘no its here’. And another says ‘add it here now’. I bet there are more than 10 thousand groups offering the dislike button. Which is totally bullshit. And those idiots there believe that crap and blaming after realizing it didn’t work out. They never learn. As soon as they see a new group they join it thinking may be this one is real. Monkeys in Africa are smarter than that. Isn’t it fucking common sense?

Same rule applies to those groups offering free stuff. The most popular one is that laptop mafia. Same stupid people who go after the dislike button join this too. They join the group and click the link posted on the group, which leads to a page full of Google ads. Since at least 9/10 people click one of the advertisements there, I bet those guys came up with that genius idea is making enough money to buy a 3rd world country.

Just sit and think for a while. Why would anyone give you a laptop? It’s not that hard to figure out. (well I don’t know about you, but not to me)