Chat On Omegle

While I was going through stuff on Google, one of the best sites I came up with is Omegle. Well it’s a chat site with the most basic settings I have ever seen. Easy way in, easy way out. NO annoying signing up, no logging in, no screen names, no selecting font colors etc. Just get there and start chatting. It’s practically one click away.

It’s all private chat and no records of who you are or whom are you chatting with. From my experience more than 2/3 of the online people are guys. There is even a rumor on the site that there are only 3 girls online and all the others are horny guys. (Kind of true)

By spending days on the site I have a pretty good idea how the thing goes and its pretty funny. There are kind of facts.

1. If anyone starts saying 'hiiiiii' (with more than one i) it’s probably a girl.

2. 2. 2. If it starts with 'horny?' It’s probably a guy and 50% of them are gay.

3. 3. 3. Girls hate 'asl'.

You say hi, they say hi. You say asl? BAMM disconnect. I don’t know why the hell but girls seem to really hate the question. But that doesn’t mean whoever pop the question is a guy.

The thing is that most guys seems to know that, so they go step by step talking about other stuff and eventually ask whether male or female.(I forgot to tell, girls hate this question too) and then they answer and my personal favorite(NOT) is find out that I have wasted 10 minutes trying to flirt with another guy.

4. 4. 4. Not everybody is there to chat.

Now this is really pissing me off. Some people promote their websites here. They send links asking to click. The most common lie is that a girl is waiting for a guy to chat with her with web cam. When you go to the link, you see a cute girl on cam, which it a lie. Its an animated jpeg.

And the second most common is that another site saying that this guy broke up with this girl and he wants revenge. So he has posted her pictures there. It’s a fucking spam.

5. 5. 5. About 20% of people there are expecting to have cyber sex.

Keep in mind that its child abuse if one of the participants is below 18. And some people are using this to have a good laugh (like a prank) by scaring other people. They keep going for awhile and they send you and IM saying that he/she is from FBI and the conversation has been monitored.

6. 6. 6. Beware of the backspace key.

This happens to me all the time. I press backspace to erase something I typed and the chat window closes. (The backspace is used as a shortcut key to go back to previous page) and the whole conversation goes away. (No. you can’t get it back)

Check out that site. It’s a great way to get out of boredom.