Chat Bots on Omegle. Annoying And Useless

Lately Omegle chat has been filled with chat bots. Chat bots mean, those computer softwares which are made to send IM’s automatically. They are used for marketing purposes 99 percent of the time. (It’s considered as marketing, but I think it’s not ethical since they are spamming). And the other 1% of the time, they are giving out virus links.

Before I write this, I searched on Google about chat bots. I was surprised to see that getting a chat bot for my self is easy as logging facebook. No need to fill up applications or write java/ html codes. Just have to sign up using an email address and give it a screen name.

Anyways, back to what I was saying. You might wonder how to find out it’s a bot or a human. It’s pretty easy.

1. Bots don’t type.

They are programmed to enter a certain text automatically. So there is no typing time. If cant see the site saying Stranger is typing… and sentences just appear on the screen, then it’s a bot.

2. They come. They type. They go.

Bots aren’t made to have fun with you. Most likely they disconnect after they have enter what they want. (About 3 or 4 IM’s)

3. They give out links.

Don’t click the links they send you. Its useless most of the time.(by useless I mean it’s a site you have to register most of the time) this rule apply to those real people who send links to webcams too. You won’t see a damn camera.

Those chat bots ruin my mood while I’m on the chat. There are more and more bots now. Hope Omegle will do something about it soon. And in meantime, if you want to make a chat bot for your MSN or AIM just google like in the picture above. (You can even customize the reply according to what others say)